Professor Dr. Toshiharu Watanabe

Diatom, 20:1-8.

A brief personal record and publications (in Japanese).

Frank E. Round

Diatom, 20:9-12.

pH scaling and diatom distribution.

Julie A. Hambrook Berkman and Stephen D. Porter

Diatom, 20: 13-22.

[Review] An overview of algal monitoring and research in the U.S. Geological Survey's National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program.

Ma?gorzata B?k, Andrzej Witkowski, Horst Lange-Bertalot and Anna Dada?

Diatom, 20:23-32.

Ecology of the Szczecin Lagoon diatom flora with reference to the utility of diatom indices in assessing water quality.

Eileen J. Cox

Diatom, 20:33-46.

Pore occlusions in raphid diatoms ? a reassessment of their structure and terminology, with particular reference to members of the Cymbellales.

Geraldine Reid

Diatom, 20:47-56.

On the identity of Gyrosigma prolongatum var. closterioides (Grunow) Cleve.

David M. Williams and Ditmar Metzeltin

Diatom, 20:57-66.

A new species of Synedra Ehrenb. with comments on auxospore and initial cell morphology.

Patricia A. Sims

Diatom, 20:67-78.

Isodiscus Rattray: a problematic fossil marine genus.

Itsuki Suto

Diatom, 20:79-94.

Dispinodiscus gen. nov., a new diatom resting spore genus from the North Pacific and Norwegian Sea.

Itsuki Suto

Diatom, 20:95-104.

Coronodiscus gen. nov., a new diatom resting spore genus from the North Pacific and Norwegian Sea.

Hiroyuki Tanaka and Tamotsu Nagumo

Diatom, 20:105-112.

Pliocaenicus nipponicus sp. nov., a new freshwater fossil diatom from central Japan.

Hirouki Tanaka, Tamotsu Nagumo, Kaoru Kashima and Fusako Mitsuhashi

Diatom, 20:113-122.

Pliocene diatoms from freshwater diatomite in Yamaga Town, Kyushu, Japan.

Prakash Nautiyal, Rachna Nautiyal, Kavita Kala and Jyoti Verma

Diatom, 20:123-132.

Taxonomic richness in the diatom flora of Himalayan streams (Garhwal, India).

Sheue-Duan Lai and Jiang-Ping Wang

Diatom, 20:133-144.

Multivariate analysis of dominant attached diatoms and water quality in Szu-Tsao mangrove wetland of Taiwan.

Taisuke Ohtsuka, Misako Hanada and Yusuke Nakamura

Diatom, 20:145-152.

SEM observation and morphometry of Encyonema leei (Krammer) nov. comb.

Toshiharu Watanabe and Kazumi Asai

Diatom, 20:153-158.

Nitzschia paleaeformis and Nitzschia amplectens occurring in strongly acid waters of pH range from 1.0 to 3.9 in Japan.

Kensuke Toyoda and David M. Williams

Diatom, 20:159-166.

Description of Achnanthes Bory (Bacillariophyceae) based on Kutzing's type slides and materials I: New morphological information on Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia (Kutz.) Cleve.

Toshiharu Watanabe

Diatom, 20:167-170.

Three new Eunotia and one new Navicula occurred in strong acid waters in Japan.

Satoshi Fukushima

Diatom, 20:171-178.

Recovery of seasonality on periphytic diatom assemblages in urban rivers (in Japanese)

Seiichi Komura

Diatom, 20:179-190.

An SEM observation on the sporic diatom Muelleriopsis limbata (Ehrenb.) Hendey (in Japanese).

Shigehiko Arita and Taisuke Ohtsuka

Diatom, 20:191-198.

Describing the valve outlines of Navicula species using a newly described arc-constitutive model (in Japanese).

Sadao Kojima

Diatom, 20:199-206.

[Review] Diatom and water supply (in Japanese).

Akihiro Tuji, Norio Ogura, Tetsuo Murakami, Toshiharu Watanabe, Syuichi Yoshikawa and Takuo Nakajima

Diatom, 20:207-222.

[Review] Biological monitoring for acidification by acid rain using diatom assemblages (in Japanese).

Mariko Nagano and Masaaki Tanaka

Diatom, 20:223-228.

[Note] Diatoms from Lake Ara-numa, Aomori Prefecture, Japan (in Japanese).

Kotaro Hirose, Toshikazu Gotoh, Hiroshi Sato and Shusaku Yoshikawa

Diatom, 20:229-240.

[Note] Diatoms in surface sediments from northeastern part of Osaka Bay, southwestern Japan.