History and Aims

The Japanese Society of Diatomology was organized in 1979 and founded in 1980 as the Japanese Society of Diatomists. The name was changed in 1982 to the present title. The first volume of DIATOM was published in 1985. The aims of JSD are to promote all aspects of the study of diatoms, to distribute the results of the research, to facilitate the exchange of information concerning diatoms, and to promote friendship among diatomists.

Office for 2017-2018

The Japanese Society of Diatomology
c/o Dr. Tamotsu NAGUMO
Department of Biology The Nippon Dental University,
Koganei, Tokyo 184-8501, JAPAN

Officers for 2017-2018

President: Tamotsu NAGUMO president@diatomology.org
Secretary Keigo OSADA info@diatomology.org
Treasurer: Takanori MATSUOKA treasurer@diatomology.org
Membership Director Hidekazu SUZUKI membership@diatomology.org
Excutive Editor: Masahiko IDEI executive_editor@diatomology.org

Council Members

Dr. Masahiko IDEI (Bunkyo University)
Dr. Keigo OSADA (Nippon Dental University at Niigata)
Dr. Megumi SAITO (National Museum of Nature and Science)
Dr. Yuki SAWAI (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Dr. Hidekazu SUZUKI (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Tecnology)
Dr. Itsuki SUTO (Nagoya University)
Dr. Shigeki MAYAMA (Tokyo Gakugei University)
Dr. Akiko HOUKI ()

Editors of Diatom

Editor-in Chief : Dr. Masahiko IDEI (Bunkyo University)
Dr. Shinichiro ABE (Ibaraki University)
Dr. Taisuke OHTSUKA (Lake Biwa Museum)
Dr. Shinya SATO (Fukui Prefectural University)
Dr. Yuki SAWAI (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Dr. Itsuki SUTO (Nagoya University)