Toshie HIZUKA and Toshiko NAKAMURA

Diatom, 6:1-10.

Numerical estimation for organic pollution of the Ina River based on the attached diatom assemblage of the river bed. (in Japanese)

Kazuhiro KATOH

Diatom, 6:11-18.

A comparative study on some pollution indices using diatoms.

Hideaki TAKANO

Diatom, 6: 19-22.

Foliaceous marginal processes standing nearby poles of the valve of Dimeregramma minus (Gregory) Ralfs.

Yoshinaga ITO and Seiji HORIUCHI

Diatom, 6:23-44.

Distribution of living terrestrial diatoms and its application to the paleoenvironmental analyses. (in Japanese)


Diatom, 6:45-56.

The collection of diatom slides preserved in the National Science Museum of Japan. (in Japanese)